Downloading is easy. Follow these steps to download your images:

1. Open the Prime Edits Desktop App

2. Login with your email address and password

3. Click the expand icon in the My Jobs panel

4. Navigate to the job you'd like to download

5. Click "Download Photos" then "OK"

6. Create a subfolder in your original folder and name it "Prime Edits"

7. Click OK

   - You have now successfully started downloading the images and Lightroom catalog onto your local or external drive

   - If you sent us a Lightroom catalog, continue to step 8. if you sent raws or jpgs click here for instructions on how to link your images to the catalog

8. Drag and drop the Lightroom catalog file into the original Lightroom catalog folder

9. Click "Replace"

   - You have now successfully updated your catalog with your editor's edits

Downloaded the catalog and the files are not linked? Here's how to link your Lightroom catalog to your images: